DAWG FM's Law Expert Gerald Yemensky featured on DAWG FM to discuss various family law topics.

Gerald Yemensky has been featured on Ottawa’s DAWG FM radio station as their family law legal expert. On Thursdays at 9:40 AM he provides information on topics of interest relating to family law.
Please click on the topics below relating to subjects previously broadcast.
Title Last Updated (yyyy/mm/dd) Size (Mb) Link
Child Support 2014/05/09 2.82 Download
Divorce and Separation 2014/05/09 2.82 Download
General Family Law 2014/05/09 2.07 Download
Marriages 2014/05/09 2.28 Download
Minimizing Cost 2014/05/09 2.5 Download
Options To Proceed 2014/05/09 2.87 Download
Spousal Support 2014/05/09 3.1 Download