Initial Consultations

Family law is a complicated specialty that involves many disciplines within the Canadian legal framework.

Resolving and disentangling the affairs of life partners requires an in-depth understanding of the classic family obligations of support, child custody and access. A family law practitioner must also examine the legal ramifications of real estate, pensions, corporations, trusts, estates and tax.

The issues that arise in the dissolution of a relationship are intensely personal, so it is essential that you are comfortable with the counsel you choose.

Given these complexities and sensitivities, we offer an initial consultation of up to an hour and a half at a reduced fee of $185.00 inclusive.

At that initial conference, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire to provide an overview of your situation. We will review with you the issues arising from the questionnaire and answer specific questions you may have.

We will provide an initial opinion on your resolution options and discuss the range of resolution procedures available in your situation. We will also furnish some printed information to assist in your decisions and provide an estimate of the costs involved to move the matter to a settlement or judgment.

If you decide not to retain our services, your questionnaire will be returned on request in the interest of privacy.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail to set up a consultation. We would be pleased to forward a questionnaire for completion prior to our meeting if you wish.

Thank you for considering the services of Campbell Clark Yemensky at this difficult time.